April 19, 2014

Want to check our daily specials, but not at a computer?

You can view the daily specials and browse our menu on your phone. You always know what's cooking at BJs Market Cafe. Simply go to bjsmarketcafe.com on your iPhone, iPod, or Android phone.


Fresh home cooking like momma makes it

Do you love the comfort of your home, but wish someone else would do the cooking? Come join us for some great tasting, down home cookin! If you just want to kick back and relax, then you will feel right at home at BJs Market Cafe.

If you are sick of eating fast food and want a change, you have come to the right place. We cook food like momma makes it. The great taste of our meals comes from using fresh ingredients. As often as we can, we get our vegetables from local farmers, so it's like eating a meal from your own garden.

We do carry outs

Want some great tasting food, but don't want to dine out? Give us a call, and we will fix you up a carry out.

Saturday Lunch Specials for Maumelle
Fried Pork Chops
Chicken Fried Steak
Meat w/2veg...6.99 w/3veg...7.99
Beans and cornbread ....3.75
Chili w/grilled cheese ..5.99
Tuna Sandwich w/chips..5.50
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Come join us Monday through Friday at the Maumelle location for a great evening meal and a comfortable atmosphere.
Dinner specials served from 4pm until 8pm.
Friday Lunch Specials
for North Little Rock
W/2Vegs 6.99 W/3Vegs 7.99
**Fried Catfish 3pc
W/2Vegs 7.99 W/3Vegs 8.99
**5pc fish w/2veg..10.99 3veg.11.99
**Combo 3 Fish & 4 Shrimp
Chicken Salad Sandwich 
w/peaches & Cottage Cheese...6.25
Chili w/grilled cheese...5.99
W/2 Veg...11.99 W/3 Veg...12.99
Bar-B-Q Pork Sandwich w/fries...6.25
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